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behaviour of las


Behaviour of LAS in sewage treatment plants: fate of LAS in WWTP

fate of las


There is an extensive database on the behavior of LAS in all varieties of Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) including information from activated sludge-based plants, trickling filter works as well as other simple treatment systems such as lagoons and others.

The following split for LAS removal can be assumed on the basis of mass balance studies (Berna et al., 1989; Painter et al., 1989; Cavalli et al., 1993; DiCorcia et al., 1994)80-90% degraded, 10-20% adsorbed into sludge and about 1% released to surface waters.

The risk assessment for LAS in WWTP has recently been conducted under HERA project. The risk characterization expressed as the ratio PEC/PNEC is well below one using exposure data derived from the worst case of a realistic exposure scenario. It is therefore concluded that LAS does not affect the STP functioning

Risk characterization data:





STP, mg/l




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