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about ecosol


ECOSOL is a sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and represents the European producers of Linear Alkylbenzene (LAB). ECOSOL was created in 1985 with the objectives of covering issues affecting the LAB and LAS (Linear Alkylbenzene sulphonate) industry, particularly from the scientific, technical, environmental, economic and documentary angles.


ECOSOL maintains close contacts with its sister associations such as the Council for LAB/LAS Environmental Research (CLER) in the USA and CLETSA in Asia.

ECOSOL maintains a close bond with the industries that use LAS, who together make up the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (AISE), with whom it is in continuous dialogue.

ECOSOL benefits from a solid working relationship with other international organisations concerned with common issues such as the European Committee of Organic Surfactants and their Intermediates (CESIO). CESIO and ECOSOL share common objectives related to the surfactant industry, and both provide a forum mainly on health, safety, environmental and trade issues arising from the manufacture, transport, storage, use and disposal of surfactants.

ECOSOL and CESIO collaborate under ERASM (Environmental Risk Assessment and Management), where a CESIO/A.I.S.E. joint programme has been set up.

This programme covers anaerobic biodegradation, bioconcentration of surfactants, mesocosms, monitoring and model validation, surfactants analysis, terrestrial Risk Assessment and untreated discharge among others.

CESIO and ECOSOL are active in the HERA programme run by CEFIC and AISE aiming at developing targeted risk assessment on ingredients used in detergents.


ECOSOL's main responsibilities are:

  • to co-operate with supranational, national and international authorities in matters of interest to the detergent alkylates industry;
  • to establish and maintain contacts with like-minded national associations;
  • to promote the exchange of pertinent data and information on detergent alkylates with scientific organisations and institutions;
  • to collect statistics;
  • to promote the study of various linear alkylate grades;
  • to promote and encourage environmental and human safety in the production, and use of detergent alkylates.
  • In compliance with all national laws applicable to its members, community law and applicable international treaties, ECOSOL cooperates with supranational, national and international authorities. Within the European Union, ECOSOL provides scientific support to European decision-makers in the making of EU policy on detergents, sewage sludge, soil protection, eco-labels and broad chemicals policy.